Industrie Fracchiolla Spa was born on the initiative of three brothers, Rocco, Franco and Costantino Fracchiolla, who in 1963 started their activity in the plant engineering sector.

After his experience in military service, Franco emigrated to New York, while the brothers Rocco and Costantino continued to follow the plant engineering company in Italy.

14 months later, Franco, driven by love for his country, returned to Italy and reunited with his brothers, dreaming of creating a big company all together.

The great willpower, the desire to always improve in the performance of one’s work and the desire to train young employees by making them become professionals, allowed, at the beginning of the 1980s, to complete the construction of the new company headquarters in the industrial area of Adelfia, also thanks to the trust and important help received from the Italian State and the financing banks.

At the same time, it was decided to start the production of tanks, taking advantage of the experience gained in the plant engineering sector.

The three brothers decided that they would use top quality stainless steel as raw material for the construction of the tanks to be used to contain food liquids.

This choice proved successful and, in a short time, the company began to market its products both on the national and international markets, until today it has become an industrial empire.

Since the 2000s, the three brothers have been supported by their 8 children, strongly motivated to grow the family business, thanks to the introduction of advanced design and production technologies.

For this reason, a major expansion of the production plant has been started, which will lead the company to triple its size by the year 2020.

There are many collaborations with the most prestigious universities and research centers, which increasingly enrich the knowledge of company employees of all levels.

We give the best to our customers spread all over the world by offering competitive prices, quality products, punctual deliveries, after-sales guarantee with 24-hour assistance.