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Construction oenological machines, stainless steel tanks

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Industrie Fracchiolla is a leader in the field of stainless steel tanks manufacturing.
Founded over 40 years ago, is well organized with an high qualified manpower of 150 employs to develop reliable products.
In order to give a warranty to his customers, the company offers an h24 technical after sales service.
More than 50% of own production is worldwide exported, thanks to competitive prices, punctuality, first choice raw materials and advanced technical characteristics products.
Engineering Department is available to satisfy any enquiry and suggest always the best solution.
The company, during last years, has been patenting new solutions in winemaking field, in order to improve both wine quality and production processes reliability.
Actually Industrie Fracchiolla is run by the sons of the 3 founders, engaged in the improvement of all industrial organization, by the introduction of automation, with advanced softwares to reduce costs and to improve total quality.

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